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International Genetics

UAE International Genetics Awards 2024 Honoring Innovation in Future Medicine

The UAE International Genetics Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the field of genetics, with a specific focus on Future Medicine in 2024.

UAE International Genetics Disorders Prevention Awards 2018 

The UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA) proudly presented the UAE International Genetics Disorders Prevention Awards 2018. Held during their annual International Genetic Disorders Conference in Dubai on November 9, 2018, these prestigious awards recognized and celebrated individuals making significant global contributions to the field of genetics.

the 6th National Conference on Genetic 2016 

The UAE Genetic Diseases Association (GDA) hosted the 6th National Conference on Genetic Diseases on October 27th & 28th, 2016, at The Atlantis Hotel. This prestigious event was the leading genetics conference in the UAE, attracting over 1,500 delegates annually.

The BAU Awards:
Celebrating the Legacy of Healing

The BAU Awards, presented by the UAE General Dentists Association (UAEGDA), honor the remarkable contributions of individuals of Iraqi origin to global health and innovation. Named after the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of healing, Bau, these prestigious awards recognize excellence in various healthcare fields, from research and patient care to leadership and social impact.

Witnessing Excellence

Every year, the BAU Awards ceremony takes place at the Iraqi Medical Conference in UAE, bringing together distinguished guests and healthcare professionals to celebrate the achievements of the award recipients.

Moments from The Iraqi Medical Conference BAU Awards 2024

captures the essence of the 2024 ceremony, showcasing the spirit of dedication and innovation within the Iraqi healthcare community.

Meet the Awardees of 2024

We are honored to recognize the exceptional individuals who have been chosen for the 2024
BAU Awards:

Board of Trustees

Mohammed Al-Dulaimi

Dr. Mariam Matar

Naseer Shamma

Ms. Sonitta Nader

Dr. Ayad Ibraheem

Dr. Bassam Darwish

Dr. Emad Jawad Abdalamir

Ruqaya Hasan 

Dr.Doaa Marouf

Dr. Sabah Al Kaisy 

The Immortals

Nidal Mjoual

Raeed AlQaisi

Naif AlHasouni


Mohammad Mazzal

Ghassan AlHaboubi

Outstanding Researcher

Fatima Jamali

Rifat Hamoudi

Healthcare professional

Riad Sharif

Kouthar AlTumaimi

Nurse of the Year

Ali Khamis

Hala Taheer

Rising Star in Healthcare

Manal Younies

Mohammad Sharkhan


Ibtisam AlKaabi

Mamoun AlNattah

Doctor of Mercy

Adnan Fadly

Wafaa AlOmari