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The UAE Genetic Diseases Association (GDA) understands the unique challenges faced by individuals and families living with genetic disorders. That’s why we offer confidential and supportive face-to-face or virtual group sessions, providing a safe space to connect, share your experiences, and explore the difficulties you might be facing.

Here's what you can expect:

· A supportive environment

Our groups are facilitated by experienced specialists who create a safe and welcoming space for open communication and connection.

· Shared experiences

Connect with others who understand the challenges you’re facing. This can help you feel less alone, isolated, or judged.

· Guidance and support

Our facilitators guide the conversation and ensure everyone feels heard and supported.

· Increased knowledge and coping skills

Learn from others’ experiences and gain practical strategies to manage your challenges and improve your well-being.

· A sense of hope and empowerment

Sharing your story and connecting with others can foster a sense of hope and empower you to move forward.

Benefits of joining a support group

Reduced stress and anxiety

Sharing your burdens with others who understand can alleviate stress and provide emotional support.

Enhanced coping skills

Learn valuable strategies and tools from others to navigate challenges related to genetic conditions.

Empowerment and hope

Gaining support and finding a sense of community can foster a positive outlook and empower you to manage your condition effectively.

Building a support network

Connect with individuals who share similar experiences, creating a lasting network of support and understanding.

The UAEGDA support groups are not a replacement for professional therapy, but they can be a valuable addition to your overall support system.

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