UAEGDA Is Organizing IFCC Conference For It's Very First Time In The Whole Region.     --     The Young Scientists Summit for Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Sciences Kicks Off in Dubai.     --     The 26th International Summit on Clinical and Laboratory Chemistry Kicks Off in Dubai.     --     Nahyan bin Mubarak: The UAE Leads the World in Medical Research.     --     Conclusion of the International Summit on Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine in Dubai.     --     The UAE hosts the proceedings of the International Conference on Laboratory Chemistry.     --     The International Conference for the 26th Summit on Clinical and Laboratory Chemistry has commenced in Dubai.     --     The UAE is hosting the proceedings of the International Conference on Laboratory Chemistry.     --     The Young Scientists Summit for Laboratory Medicine and Clinical Sciences has kicked off in Dubai.

Bridging Knowledge, Building Hope: The UAEGDA's Journey in Community Engagement

The UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA), in collaboration with local health authorities, takes immense pride in its role in raising awareness about genetic disorders and promoting preventive strategies. We firmly believe that an informed and empowered community is crucial for building a healthier future.

Our Commitment to Awareness
and Prevention

· Collaborative Efforts

We actively partner with local health authorities to implement effective prevention programs aimed at curbing and controlling genetic diseases.

· Regional Leadership

The UAEGDA plays a leading role in adopting regional strategies to eliminate genetic disorders across the Eastern Mediterranean region.

· Global Impact

We are committed to supporting international efforts through scientific research, innovative solutions, and medicine development to ultimately end the suffering caused by these diseases.

· Alignment with UN Goals

 Our initiatives are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the global strategy for promoting awareness and support.

Benefits of joining a support group

Interactive webinars

These sessions offer engaging discussions and expert insights on various genetic disorders.

Support groups

We provide dedicated spaces for individuals and families affected by genetic diseases to connect and share experiences.

Educational lectures

Our team conducts informative lectures to educate diverse audiences about genetic disorders.

Multilingual communication

We utilize Arabic, English, and Urdu in our materials and initiatives, ensuring accessibility for various community segments.

Social media outreach

We leverage the power of social media to raise awareness and spark discussions about genetic health.

Campaigns and partnerships

We collaborate with government and tourism entities on targeted campaigns to further amplify our message.

Join the Movement

We invite you to join us in our mission to illuminate our community and empower individuals to take charge of their genetic health. Here’s how you can get involved

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