UAEGDA is dedicated to nurturing, educating, and preventing challenges faced by individuals with genetic disorders in the UAE and region, empowering them through innovative research, public awareness, and impactful capacity-building initiatives


Pioneering preventive and screening programs for health-related disorders in UAE and the region.

Our Mission

• To understand the Biochemical and molecular basis of common disorders through implementation of preventive, screening and public awareness program.

• To promote and initiate cutting-edge research and knowledge exchange by using most innovative and cost-effective technologies.

• To initiate and advocate for capacity-building programs.

Our Entities

The UAEGDA oversees five non-profit organizations, each dedicated to raising awareness within our community:

Emirates Down Syndrome:

Empowers individuals with Down syndrome through research and programs.

Stem Cell Society

Advancing Stem Cell Research and Therapy.

Society of Scholars Research for Impact

Connects research to action

Public Health Society

Promoting Public Health Education and Awareness.

Our Objectives

Community Empowerment in Genomics & Future Medicine

  • Education & Training.
  • Quality of Life Improving.
  • Initiating Patient Support Groups & Societies

Support Public Policy Advocacy & Legislation

  • Establishing Comprehensive Protocols.
  • Strategic recommendations for legislation implementation.
  • Data-Driven Advocacy.

Clinical Application and Applied Research Innovation

  • Facilitating Research & Clinical Trials
  • Support Advancement in Innovation
  • Prevalence Analysis
  • Enhancing strategy for advance healthcare knowledge

Support Public Policy Advocacy & Legislation

  • Fostering Diversity & Leadership.
  • Creating Opportunities for Gender Equality
  • innovation
  • Professional Growth Opportunities

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