UAE International Genomics Awards 2024

Honoring Innovation in Future Medicine

The UAE International Genomics Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the field of genetics, with a specific focus on Future Medicine in 2024.

We recognize the groundbreaking work happening across various areas

    • Genomic Medicine
    • Nanotechnology
    • Microbiome
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine
  • LearningPrecision Medicine & Precision Health
  • Regenerative Medicine


Launch Year and Legacy

This prestigious award program was first established in 2018. The 2024 edition continues this tradition of recognizing excellence and innovation that is shaping the future of medicine.


    1. Outstanding Individual Contribution Award: This award honors a distinguished personality who has made significant contributions towards improving care and preventative health services for children and families living with genetic disorders.

    2. Genomics Innovation Trailblazer Award: This award recognizes industry leaders, academic researchers, and non-profit/NGOs making groundbreaking advancements in genetic disorders.

    3. Community Empowerment Award: We celebrate an individual who is continuously committed to raising public awareness about genetic disorders.

    4. Shining Star Volunteer of the UAE Genetic Diseases Association: This award acknowledges the best-contributing volunteer for the association.

    5. Nursing Excellence Award: This award honors a distinguished nurse who is committed to education and improving healthcare services related to genetics.

    6. Emerging Talent Award: We recognize a young individual with a promising future and a passion for making a difference in the field of genetics.