List of DNA testing companies

This is a list of DNA testing companies offering direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA tests for genealogy, deep ancestry (Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroups) and biogeographical ancestry (admixture). This list is provided for information only. Inclusion on this list does not imply recommendation or endorsement by ISOGG. ISOGG welcomes additions and corrections to this list. Please contact us with the appropriate details.

For background material on purchasing DNA tests, see Before You Buy and Choosing a DNA testing company. Check out our Free DNA tests page to see if you are eligible for one of the offers.

For guidelines on DNA testing see the Genetic genealogy standards.

For comparisons of the testing services provided by the major genetic genealogy companies see the ISOGG testing comparison charts:

DNA testing companies

  • 23andMe (admixture, adoption, deep ancestry, genealogy, traits) (health reports also available in some countries)
  • 23mofang (admixture, deep ancestry, health and traits) A company catering for the Chinese market
  • 24 genetics (admixture, exome sequencing, health, paternity, pharmacogenetics, whole genome sequencing) A company catering for the Spanish market
  • AncestrybyDNA (admixture, deep ancestry)
  • AncestryDNA, a subsidiary of (admixture, adoption, genealogy, traits)
  • Be happy to Be You (BH2BU) (admixture, deep ancestry, genealogy)
  • Centrillion Biosciences (aka TribeCode) (admixture, deep ancestry)
  • Dante Labs (health, nutrition and fitness, traits, whole genome sequencing and interpretation) Available in the European Union and the US.
  • DNA Ancestry and Family Origin (FTDNA affiliate in the Middle East) (admixture, adoption, deep ancestry, full mtDNA sequencing, genealogy)
  • DNA Worldwide (formerly a FTDNA partner. See also Living DNA)
  • Family Tree DNA (admixture, adoption, deep ancestry, full mtDNA sequencing, genealogy, Y-chromosome sequencing)
  • Full Genomes Corporation (whole genome sequencing, Y-chromosome sequencing)
  • Gene by Gene – the parent company of Family Tree DNA which now incorporates the companies previously known as DNA Traits, DNA DTC and DNA Findings (research, health, exome sequencing, whole genome sequencing)
  • Genebase (deep ancestry, genealogy)
  • Genera (FTDNA partner in Brazil for ancestry tests) – also performs tests for paternity, fetal gender detection, pharmacogenetics, nutrition and physical traits
  • GenoTek (admixture, genealogy, family planning, health, nutrition and fitness, talents and sports) A company catering for the Russian market
  • Genos Research Inc (whole exome sequencing).A consumer-focused healthcare big data spin out from Complete Genomics; Note:no genetic genealogy focus or tools)
  • iGENEA (FTDNA affiliate) (admixture, deep ancestry, genealogy)
  • Living DNA (admixture, deep ancestry, genealogy, wellbing) See also DNA Worldwide
  • MeuDNA (admixture with focus on immigration into Brazil, health)
  • MyHeritage (admixture, genealogy)
  • Nebula Genomics (whole genome sequencing and interpretation)
  • Roots for Real (admixture, deep ancestry)
  • Sano Genetics (exome sequencing and interpretation, whole genome sequencing and interpretation)
  • Sorenson Genomics (laboratory services)
  • Stripe2be (a subsidiary of Dante Laboratories) (whole genome sequencing, health, rare diseases]
  • TribeCode See Centrillion Biosciences
  • Veritas Genetics (USA) (whole genome sequencing and interpretation)
  • Veritas Intercontinental (Europe, Latin America, Japan and the United Arab Emirates) (whole genome sequencing and interpretation)
  • WeGene (admixture, deep ancestry, health, sports, traits) A test tailored for the East Asian market
  • YSEQ (custom Y-SNPs, Y-STRs, SNP panels, whole genome sequencing)
  • Yoogene (deep ancestry – YSTRs and mtDNA) A company catering for the Chinese market

Paternity/relationship testing companies

There are a number of testing companies who specialise in paternity, relationship, identity, forensic and immigration testing. Some of these companies also offer deep ancestry and ethnicity testing as a secondary product. Many of these companies are licensed to sell the AncestrybyDNA test.

For a list of paternity testing labs see the DNA Testing Choice website.

DNA testing companies no longer trading or no longer selling direct to consumer

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