Welcome to Your Personalized Reprogram Your Genes and Longevity Program

Discover your personalized Reprogram Your Genes and Longevity screening reports and customized programs. We’re here to empower you with actionable insights for better health choices, leading to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

About the Program

Led by Dr. Maryam Matar, recognized as ‘The most powerful scientist in the UAE’ since 2014, our program offers a unique approach to health and wellness with wide international acclaim for the “Reprogram Your Genes” scientific and public education campaign.

Program Highlights

Personalized DNA-Based Lifestyle Package

A personalized DNA-based lifestyle package that equips you with vital information and tools for optimal wellness and minimize the impact of cellular aging.

Excellent Personalized

Enjoy a perfect balance of cost and quality, value, and accessibility with our personalized DNA-based lifestyle package, covering rejuvenation, personalized nutrition, and diet assessment.

Procedure of the Genetic Counseling


Schedule an Appointment

  • Contact UAEGDA clinic via a call or WhatsApp to book your appointment.

  • Complete payment in advance to confirm your slot.

  • Upload all relevant documents (medical reports, concerns, etc.) to the medical team at least 48 hours before your consultation.


Pre-Consultation Preparation

  • After reviewing your documents, you’ll receive a consent form to review and sign, especially if the consultation involves children.

  • An option for a one-hour virtual or in-person consultation.



  • If genetic testing is recommended after initial counseling, the lab team will collect necessary samples.

  • Genetic tests are conducted in our accredited lab after required preparations.

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