The 3th National Genetic Disorders Conference

May 2012

About the Conference

The 3rd National Conference on Genetic Diseases of UAE offers the scientific community a platform to share their knowledge in the field of Genetic Diseases. This conference offers a comprehensive agenda presented through two plenary sessions and panel discussions for the benefit of professionals in the field of medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and others, who are engaged in common health problems in the UAE. This event will feature sessions from eleven leading experts in genetic diseases research, including local and international professors, physicians, and government representatives. The purpose of the plenary and panel sessions are to facilitate discussions on early diagnosis; improve access and quality care; optimize the coordination of provider services; and foster high impact clinical research to expedite improved medical treatments. The conference mainly aims at the education of the medical community and dissemination of reliable information to at-risk populations, which are the most efficient ways to control genetic disorders among UAE population. We intend to explore the challenges posed by genetic diseases and the most recent updates on pathophysiology, diagnosis, management and prevention with emphasis on their impact in the UAE population. Certainly, this will raise awareness among medical professionals to provide effective prevention and treatment methods

Venue /Confirmed

RAKMHSU, Ras Al - Khaimah, UAE, DHCC Auditorium, Dubai Healthcare Dubai, UAE



UAEGDA positioning

Organized under the patronage His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan

Co-organizers/ Partners

UAE Genetic Diseases Association (UAEGDA) and RAK Medical and Health Sciences University (RAKMHSU) have the pleasure to hold the “3rd National Conference on Genetic Diseases of UAE”, whose theme is “Genetic Diseases in the UAE”. The conference was held last 9 May 2012 at DHCC auditorium, Dubai Health Care City. In addition, a one day pre-conference workshop on “Essential Statistical Methodologies” at the RAKMHSU in Ras Al – Khaimah. The 3rd RAKMHSU Student Scientific Conference was held 3 May 2012 at RAKMHSU.


Mr. Marwan bin Ghulaita
CEO, Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority

Dr. Mohamed Sultan Al ulama
Dean, United Arab Emirates University Libraries

prof. Lihadh Al-Gazali
Department of Pediatrics,

Dr. Kamal Khazanehdari
United Arab Emirates University

prof. Sami Al Qarawi
Head, Molecular Biology and Genetics Lab,
Central Veterinary Research Lab, Dubai

Dr. Manal M. Sami
King Fahd University of Science and Technology,
Saudi Arabia

Dr. Ghazi omar tadmouri
Assistant Professor – Pathology,
RAK Medical & Health Sciences University

Dr. erol baysal
Assistant Director,
Centre for Arab Genomic Studies, Dubai, UAE
Director, UAEGDA Lab,
Consultant Molecular Geneticist,
Head of Molecular Genetics,
Dubai Genetic & Thalassemia Center,
Pathology & Genetics Dept.,
Dubai Health Authority, Dubai, UAE

Ahmed h. Al-Marzouqi
Assistant Dean for Research and
Graduate Studies,
Associate Professor,
Department of Biochemistry,
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. fahad Al Mulla
Professor and Head of Molecular Pathology,

Dr. habiba Al Sayer
Kuwait University
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering,
Khalifa University of Science, Technology &
Research (KUSTAR)

Ms. Jane papadaki Markley
Global Director, Diagnostic Sales & Marketing,
Asuragen, Inc, Austin

Dr. Mohammad Salah
Dubai Health Authority