Longevity Conference

21 March 2024

About the Conference

Longevity is the science of anti-aging research and rejuvenation. 

The event will promote most attractive investment opportunities in the longevity field.

A platform for the UEA based experts to establish strategic partnerships with other business leaders 

Venue /Confirmed

Sustainable city auditorium (Confirmed)


the Host and Organizer

UAEGDA positioning

The concept, event program and value proposition – all is created by UAE GDA who holds all copyright as the Owner of this conference.

Co-organizers/ Partners

Healthy Longevity Medicine Society — International Medical Society of Longevity Medicine
Content Indexing Partner: Emirates Scholar
Event partner: Geminos


Estimated 25 speakers expected from over 30 countries
International: USA, Europe.
Local: UAE
Speaker’s profile:
Professors and Researchers in global institutions and academies for Health & Lifespan Research
The most prominent experts in the field of longevity and rejuvenation
Experts and scientists in the study of the biology and genetics of aging.


estimated 200 delegates
Regional: GCC
Local: UAE
Delegate profile:
Practitioners and counselors who work with public and communities
Doctors and lifestyle coaches
CEO and Hod from lifestyle, wellness, healthcare clinics.
Government and policy makers in holistic health and wellness