Research Zayed Genetic Research Centre

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A Center for Genetic Research is a specialized research institution that focuses on investigating the genetic basis of diseases and disorders, developing new diagnostic tools and treatments, and advancing our understanding of the role of genetics in human health and disease.
These centers typically bring together researchers from a variety of scientific disciplines, including genetics, genomics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and medicine. They may collaborate with academic institutions, government agencies, and private organizations to conduct research and translate their findings into clinical practice.


Genetic Counselling and Testing​

Many Centers for Genetic Research focus on providing genetic counseling and testing services to individuals and families affected by genetic diseases. This includes identifying genetic risk factors, developing personalized treatment plans, and providing support and resources to those affected.


Disease-Specific Research

Brochures and pamphlets that provide an overview of different genetic diseases and their symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options.


Genomics and Epigenetics

Some Centers for Genetic Research focus on genomics and epigenetics, studying the structure and function of genes and their interactions with the environment. This research can lead to a better understanding of how genetic and environmental factors contribute to disease and inform the development of new diagnostic tools and treatments.


Gene Editing and Therapy

Advancements in gene editing and therapy have opened up new avenues for treating genetic diseases. Centers for Genetic Research may be involved in developing and testing these new treatments, such as CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing or gene therapies.