Core Themes for 2021 Conference

  • Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
  • Clinical Genetics & Genomic Medicine
  • Public Health Genomics

Indirect Cost Policy

Indirect costs are general overhead and administration expenses that support the entire operations of a partner and that may be shared across projects. Examples include facilities expenses, e.g. rent, utilities, equipment for the partner’s headquarters, associated information systems and support and administrative staff such as HR, general finance, accounting, IT, and legal. While these costs may not be directly attributable to a project, they are real and necessary to operate as an organization.

Indirect Cost Rate

As a general policy, the indirect cost rate of the UAE Genetic Disease Association is maximum 5% (budgeted indirect costs/budgeted total direct costs). This maximum rate applies to the funds received by the UAEGDA and also to the research funds that UAEGDA provides to other institutions.