Introducing the Future of Healthcare: Immersive Healthcare Technologies

Introducing the Future of Healthcare: Immersive Healthcare Technologies

Immersive Healthcare opportunities are on the rise with the intervention of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. Highly fulfilling medical training sessions, heightened comprehension of ailments, and enhanced pain distraction methodologies are some of the countless benefits that Immersive Healthcare brings to the table.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that by 2025, smart technologies like AR and VR will transform the Immersive Healthcare industry into a market worth approximately $5 billion worldwide.

This year’s edition of Arab Health event is the largest event across the Middle East and North African (MENA) region and highlights noteworthy developments made in the healthcare industry. The spotlight of this event is on Immersive Healthcare and it’s infinite potential. The conference will attract over 400 influencers from major medical disciplines, who will talk on a variety of topics ranging from Medical Equipment & Devices, Imaging & Diagnostics, IT systems & solutions - to name a few. 55, 000+ attendees from 159 countries make this event a powerful platform to learn, network and engage in the latest healthcare trends.

One of the most scintillating aspects of the Arab Health 2020 event is the Immersive Healthcare Zone. With Arab Health and HP as the prime sponsors, the Immersive Healthcare Zone is all set for activation by the region’s leading Immersive Healthcare experts at Munfarid, in collaboration with renowned strategists from the VRAR Association.

The Immersive Healthcare Zone will feature unique experiences in the following fields:

  1. Training across a variety of healthcare specialities
  2. Patient-centric solutions
  3. Mindfulness & meditation

These avenues will equally attract numerous healthcare professionals, academicians and the general public.

Munfarid Arab Health 2020

The benefits of meditation are well popularised. However, several find the act of chalking out blocks of time during their day to focus a challenging task. Well, VR is making this whole process of meditation a whole lot easier. For example, Guided VR is a fascinating application of VR that makes meditation more immersive by enabling customization to users’ preferences: all in a matter of minutes. One can experience instant mood boosts, thus leading to a positive mindset, and chances of faster recoveries. 

Meditation also enables better pain management, physical & mental health, emotional behaviour, and stress & anxiety relief. VR powered meditation is quite revolutionary and can truly transform an individual's mental health. Immersive Healthcare technologies seek to destigmatize the “tough” aspect of meditation and instill life-changing meditation habits worldwide.

On the other hand, consider the whole scene of pediatric vaccinations. The entire experience is often painful and frightening, especially for infants and their parents. MindXR addresses this challenge by harnessing a revolutionary technology enabling a child’s experience to be flawless and extremely impactful. The underlying principle is to reduce pain perception by the brain by providing "distractions" in the form of games or other interactive activities. 

Immersive experiences provide fresh hope for differently-abled children. In the UAE, Munfarid's Co-Founder & CEO, Dr Sana Farid, who is also the Co-President for The VRAR Association MENA Chapter has inculcated in children essential communication and social skills using Floreotech which uses VR to allow parents and teachers to curb the progress of autistic learners in an engaging and fun way. This program is also witnessing tremendous success in the children's hospital in LA.

The above three instances are evidence that Immersive Healthcare solutions are certainly impactful and can continue impacting healthcare provided sufficient word-of-mouth is spread.

To improve the healthcare scenario in the MENA region, Munfarid has initiated several impact programs tailored for special education, rehabilitation and wellbeing. Dr Sana Farid firmly believes in the several capabilities of Immersive Technologies for patient care:

"Immersive Healthcare will certainly revolutionize how doctors perceive and administer medication to patients. The result will be a highly focussed and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem which enables better diagnosis and faster recovery.”

The Immersive Healthcare Zone at Arab Health 2020 garnered exceptional support and interest from Her Excellency Dr Mariam Matar, who has been ranked as a leading Arab woman in healthcare for several years. Dr Mariam has always supported leveraging technologies to improve human lives. 

Amongst the several renowned attendees of the event was:

Dr. Arvind Kumar, Chairman of the Center for Chest Surgery and Director at the Institute of Robotic Surgery New Delhi and Founder & Managing Trustee at the Lung Care Foundation, heaped praise on the impact that VR has had on the field of medicine:

“Enabling healthcare access for people residing in remote areas has always been a challenge, and VR addresses this roadblock quite effectively by allowing doctors from hundreds of miles away to diagnose and treat. I’ve personally witnessed the potential of VR as a revolutionary medium through which patients can receive healing despite the lack of transportation and basic healthcare facilities. I firmly believe that VR has much more to offer and significantly impact how humans receive healthcare.”

As the human race has always evolved, the time has come for the healthcare industry to undergo specific changes in the form of Immersive Healthcare. We cannot rely on yesterday's technology to tackle today's problems. Consequently, Immersive Healthcare Technologies powered by VR/AR are already transforming the healthcare industry by providing innovative solutions to pressing challenges that conventional healthcare systems fail to address.

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