Core Themes for 2021 Conference

  • Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine
  • Clinical Genetics & Genomic Medicine
  • Public Health Genomics

19-21 November 2021, Dubai, UAE

UAE GDA 2021

Core Themes for 2021 Conference:

  • Stem cell & Regenerative medicine
  • Clinical Genetics & Genomic medicine
  • Public Health Genomics

Dates: 19-21 November 2021 | Dubai | UAE
❑ Scientific Program will be in Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid University Conference Venue
❑ Public Program will be in Ismaili Center & Dubai Creek Park

On behalf of the organizing team of the 8th International Genetic Disorders Conference and UAE International Genetic Disorders Prevention Award 2021, we are pleased to invite you to Dubai, UAE.

With rapidly changing landscape of innovation such as Artificial Intelligence, technologies of genome analyses including next generation sequencing and in the informatics of huge data, genome sequences and medical information, are creating unprecedented opportunities for genetics, and paving way for offering more effective management and treatment tools as well better quality of life for the patients.  We look forward to welcoming you to our conference.

Dr. Maryam Matar
Founder and Chairperson UAE Genetic Diseases Association